SCM system specialized for finis -hed automotive delivery industry

Bizible-R is an essential system for the automotive parts industry that has various functions including issuing and managing delivery statements and parts identification table, real-time transmission of shipment information and confirmation of stock recipts.

SCM system specialized for the finished automotive delivery industry

Refresh Automobile Parts Delivery Order System on the Web, RAPDOS

System diagram

System features

  • 01

    Real-time shipment information transmission

  • 02

    Real-time order/recipe information which can be checked by linked OEM, CKD, PO order/warehousing data

  • 03

    Provides a user convenient UI

  • 04

    Provides an interface for interworking with customer’s legacy system

  • 05

    Stable and reliable system and convenience through long-term service

  • 06

    (Option) Direct payment through a connection between multiple (1st, 2nd ...) companies.

  • 07

    Easy to analyze a delivery status from other regions by intergrated management through the web system


  • 01 Initial investment capital reduction
    • Reduced initial investment capital by introducing simple Bizible-R
      without establishing a shipping management (delivery business) system
  • 02 Shortened delivery time
    • With the introduction of Bizible-R, customers receive a real-time response to changes
      in orders for finished vehicles and shortening of delivery time
  • 03 Simplify closing tasks
    • Simplification of closing tasks through automatic verification of inspection data (D1, D9)
  • 04 Reduced working time
    • Bizible-R reduces workload and effort by linking primary companies