Vision inspection system

Vision AI is an AI-based image processing/analysis solution that
provides a function to automatically analyze an object after detecting
and recognizing a video image. It can be expanded to services in
various fields such as security, safety, and quality control to protect
industrial sites.

System diagram

Main Features

  • AI machine vision quality inspection system technology
    AI inspection provides an environment for a more detailed way to inspect and train machine learning models than existing solutions inspectiong raw video images
  • Infrared monitoring technology
    It provides high-quality data based deep learning using image and temperature data from infrared (IR) and visible light (VIS) cameras.

    01 The workspace usually has a poor environment to take good quality RGB images
    because of backlight, darkness and work clothes. (IR Camera used)

    02 The workspace is usually a good to use temperature related data -
    High temperature work in the workspace, and fire risk (TIR temperature data used)

    03 Improved object detection rate when using heterogeneous sensor images and temperature data together

    04 Detecting objects which cannot be checked through video : Welding, sparks, fire etc

  • Deep-learning based monitoring technology
    We provides an object detection architecture based on deep-learning technology for optimized real-time monitoring with the know-how of ITNJ.

    01 Create a masking and skeleton representing the detection object area

    02 Various camera combinations are possible for each work scenario

  • Anonymity guaranteed monitoring
    Detects objects in images using deep networks and transmits them as masked images.
  • Monitoring violations
    Analyze employees’ behavior patterns and whether they are wearing protective equipment to prevent an unexpected accident.
    • Hard hat detection

    • Collapsed worker and fast movement detection

    • Behavioral pattern analysis*

  • Fire detection monitoring
    Analyze welding spark scattering pattern to prevent fire
    • Weld spark scattering detection

    • Fire flame detection

    • Welding spark detection

  • Moving object detection
    • Detect the movement of various objects from image data

  • Cloud-based event monitoring system
    A cloud-based web system enables real-time event confirmation and monitoring.


  • 01 Automatic object recognition
    • Recognize and classify multiple objects, including the location of each object within the image.
  • 02 Evolving by Deep-learning
    • It utilizes deep learning technology to detect and to classify images.
      Through automatic analysis and distribution, it provides a technology
      that increases in accuracy as it is used.
  • 03 Vision AI Camera
    • Vision AI Camera is the brain of the solution that recognizes and responds to situations.
      It detects unusual behavior or entrance in a dangerous area and
      facilities to create smart security management.
  • 04 Check anytime, anywhere with a cloud-based web system
  • 05 Reduced interference with the external environment

System features

  • 01
    Fast and accurate quality inspection

    Much faster and more accurate than visual inspection

  • 02
    Provide quality statistics

    Statistics of defective products and various defect types are provided regulary

  • 03
    Explore data and test results

    Bigbrain cloud server stores product images, videos, and test results which can be viewed anytime.

  • 04
    Easy and convenient

    Provides an easy-to-use interface friendly for non- professionals