Specific production site System ERP & MES

Bizable-A provides supply chain management (SCM) between the
parent company and the partner company and the computerization
of tangible/intangible assets of the company,
It is a comprehensive system that supports informatization and
intellectualization, and the core competencies of SMEs In the
finished car parts industry, which can maximize synergy by focusing
on the company's unique activities, It is a specialized integrated solution.

Enterprise resource planning, ERP

Auto Biz Product Data, ABiz

ABiz is a semi-ERP (excl. accounting, personnel) with specialized a function for customers’
needs and flexible structure and intergration ability.

System function

  • Product development

    Reference information
    (BOM model management)

    Customer management

    Unit price management

    Drawing management

    Consigned asset management

    UCC management

  • Sales management

    Sales goal

    Order management

    Sales management

    Inspection management

    Sales management

  • Production control

    Reference information
    (process/facility management)

    Production plan
    (plan registration/work instruction)

    Production performance.

    Performance analysis.

    Production site
    (initial-mid-final process management/kiosk)

  • Material management

    Order management

    Outsourcing management


    Payment management

    Coil management

    Managing open-closed

  • Quality control

    Standard information

    Quality check

    Outsourcing claim

    Quality analysis

    Customer claim

  • CPM

    Standard information

    Purchase request

    Purchase order

    Purchase warehousing

    Purchase shipping

    Purchase receipt

    Managing open-closed

  • Additional function

    Managing initial-mid-final product

    Common task
    (substitute slip issuance)

  • Additional function

    System information

    System work


    User management

    Program management


    Field management

System Features

  • 01

    Built-in vehicle payment
    system. immediate work
    content replacement when
    related work changes

  • 02

    Modularized system.
    Optimized for core
    business of the customer
    running parts company

  • 03

    Automation system managing
    product development,
    sales, production, material
    for the customer

  • 04

    Easy reporting and statistical
    analysis through a management
    information module

  • 05

    Automatic detection of
    arrival and departure
    of automotives through
    RFID, and a barcode

  • 06

    Rapid production response
    system by sharing customers’
    production/order plan

  • 07

    Easy reporting and statistical
    analysis through business
    information modules


  • 01 Standardize workflow and productivity improvement
    • Delivery of finished vehicles - Increase work efficiency through automatic comparison of inspection status and automation of sales tasks
  • 02 Systematic planning, execution and delivery of completed vehicles
    • Increase work efficiency through automatic comparison of inspection status and automation of sales work
    • Reduced delivery time and cost through systematic production and delivery according to the plan
  • 03 Real-time payment/inventory status
    • Automatic ordering system
  • 04 Quick decision making
    • Quick and accurate decision making by identifying management status and performance based on accurate data
    • Stable business operation by predicting risk in logistics and money flow
    • Real-time work status observation which can be explored anywhere, anytime => Problems can be found and resolved easily