Thermal-Imaging based quality management system

Bigbran-T is a real-time defective product detection/tracing and total
quality management solution based on ICT by collecting thermal
image data and inspecting the distribution and pattern of its influence
factor making it able to achieve “Zero Defects” during the production process

System Diagram

Main Features

  • TQIS -Thermal imaging Quality Inspection System
    TQIS Feature provides product quality information detecting defective
    products in real-time by thermal image data from production process
  • TPTZ - Thermal Imaging Quality Tracking System
    TPTZ Feature allows a smart production process quality management
    system by providing the production process information to a quality control
    manager to provide an environment for intergrated management of product
    inspection and pass/fail judgement.
  • TBAS - Thermal Image Quality Analysis System
    TPTZ Feature provides ability to detect and collect/manage defective factors
    from the production process.


  • 01

    Quality issue prediction using
    deep learning algorithms

  • 02

    Real-time Image, data for
    determining defective

  • 03

    Provision of defect judgment
    data with due diligence

  • 04

    History management

System expected effects

  • 01 Securing reliability by accumulating information
    • Securing detection reliability by improving defect detection rate
    • Accumulation of real-time quality inspection results and inspection information
  • 02 Minimize loss by recognizing anomalies
    • Minimize opportunity cost caused by false defective product detection and its shipment
    • Anomalies recognition.
  • 03 Securing a system through real-time monitoring
    • Real-time process status monitoring
    • Achieve management system
  • 04 Cost savings through defect-free realization
    • Reduced Q-Cost
    • Archieve ZERO DEFECTS